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tv   Headline News  RT  June 21, 2014 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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ukraine shells of russian border checkpoint starts as president poroshenko announces a seven day cease fire in the east as part of his peace plan. america's next generation stealth fighter is proving a headache for the pentagon as yet another technical glitch leads pi's questioning the billions invested in the project. the u.s. jump starts a campaign offering cash for ideas to help grow its transatlantic partnership with the e.u. but the moves being seen by critics as an attempt to push through a corporate agenda.
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welcome and a very good morning to you here from moscow my name is the harvey and you're watching r.t. international first for you this hour a russian checkpoint on the border with ukraine has come under shelling a border guard there has been injured with shrapnel the attack occurred as self-defense forces in eastern ukraine clash with the army the military said to fuse mortar fire which then hit the checkpoint on t. spoke to a man who witnessed the incident you want to help people who are suffering from ukraine so i went to the border to offer my sister there were lots of children in the refugee camp and i brought them sweets to cheer them up i heard the gunfire as i was coming up to the border people were screaming and running machine there were several gunshots it was very scary to see women and children crying for some time and when i came back the checkpoint was on fire. when moscow's demanded explanations from kiev into the assault on its territory has the details. fighting
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continues close to the russian border and according to the spokesperson of the russian border guards shell actually flew into russian territory and injured one of the customs officers and damaged that building as well now moscow is outrage and demands a quick in this occasion and the problems of knowledge from the crematorium meanwhile we've heard that ukrainian defense ministry had already denied all these accusations that any shooting took place near the russian border and russia is not concerned about the security in this area the president ordered back up for russian border guards in order to exclude such events from happening in the future and events happened before the armored personnel carriers went in sort of the russian territory and other incidents like that happening as well the military crackdown in eastern ukraine has caused hundreds of deaths and displaced thousands of people but
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now president poroshenko has imposed a seven day cease fire under a new peace plan and take a look at includes an amnesty for those who agree to lay down their arms and who haven't committed grievous crimes the creation of a ten kilometer wide buffer zone along the border with russia changes to the constitution to guarantee the free and safe use of the russian language also the decentralization of power to the eastern regions early local and parliamentary elections are guaranteed and one of the plan's top points that is to guarantee safety for all the negotiating sides although himself is refusing to hold talks with leaders of the self-proclaimed republic. before the ceasefire was implemented as the army had been targeting cities across the east sometimes heating residential areas with fatal results. she didn't get what self-esteem she would be thirty nine are going to. have despicable people switch off the camera.
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this family was left devastated when a mortar shell hit their back yard a young mother was killed on the spot her five year old son was taken to hospital with multiple head wounds and doctors there fought for five hours to try to save his life but he died of his injuries on the operating table marks laborde a senior lecturer in international relations and security studies at moscow state university believes that president poroshenko peace plan is an ultimatum. the promises that they are guaranteeing for the russian language were what they already had before the sports regime seized power and started to try to take away the russian language rights from the people as well this decentralization is not clearly defined but what we have seen so far is that only includes local executive committees governors would still have the right to be overruled and appointed by
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kiev so there really is no decentralization. in this agreement and there is no greater protection for russian language than already has existed the intention of the plan is to ensure as swift and as thorough a military victory as possible that is what this document says this document is in no way shape or form a peace plan it is an ultimatum and a promise of further military force. of those warm sun points impersonators playing could lead to greater bloodshed rather than resolve the crisis will report a little bit more on that. next though this is the f. thirty five stealth fighter jet america's most violent and most expensive war plane the pentagon spending four hundred billion dollars on its development in a program that fell seven years behind schedule and billions of dollars over budget
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and experts point to numerous glitches that they say made the f. thirty five something different to what has been advertised but despite this the plane is still being touted to foreign buyers as a technological marvel as artie's marina port no no explains. the f. thirty five stealth fighter jet is the crime to look kramm of military planes. and the pentagon's most expensive conventional weapons program it's a game changer the world's only fifth generation fighter jet is manufactured by lockheed martin combining state of the art technology with highly advanced avionics and maneuverability the pentagon plans to buy nearly twenty five hundred f. thirty five but delays and cost increases have left u.s. lawmakers frustrated over the three hundred eighty five billion dollar price tag and that's where america's allies come in. lockheed martin has turned to international partners including britain australia and canada collectively the
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countries have invested more than twenty billion dollars buying up the war craft a weapon that many experts view as a global gamble there's never been anything anywhere near as expensive and the entire process is one in which the costs can only go up. the other problem is that the more they spend in the more the united states and the manufacturer and now a whole bunch of other countries become invested more they have to go ahead any of these countries that want to become good feel that they have no choice boosting demand from foreign investors is believed to be essential for the pentagon and lockheed martin why because the more f. thirty five are produced the cheaper each jet. arena for niamh hearty. well the f. thirty five has been suffering one sent back after another in the most recent case the entire fleet was grounded and testing was suspended after one of the planes
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suffered an oil leak but the engines are not the only parts where the aircraft is experiencing problems in fact as you can see here the plane is actually been suffering hot spots and cracks head to tail it flies only in good weather and the computers that run it they still lack the software they need for combat we spoke to the aircraft designer who says that on top of the technical glitches the f. thirty five program is also plagued by bureaucracy. it's one of the worst airplanes we've ever designed. for a lot of reasons but the most important reason is that it was compromised by having to do three different jobs you can never make a good airplane if you don't focus on a single single mission and then they made it even worse by saying that we'd save money by giving it up among three services so now you have three missions pulling the airplane in different directions now you have three services three bureaucracies adding their parochial points of view the
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airplane was a complete mess and mind you this is the most expensive single project that the that the defense department has ever undertaken. so to come for you this hour solving the ugly side of the beautiful game russia has faced tough task to contain football hooliganism as it prepares to take over from brazil but some think the issue is being blown. around stay with us to find out how an online technology used as evidence of criminality against one u.s. hacker is now permitted for a giant corporation. thanks to an online push by the u.s. to promote a transatlantic partnership deal with europe has been met with criticism on both sides of the ocean an offer of twenty thousand dollars to anybody who comes out with lucrative trade ideas is being seen as a cheap stunts compared to the potential damage to the ponce the massive
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cooperation agreement could. has the details the united states has been accused of a cynical propaganda campaign after a tweet originated from its embassy just behind me here. this tweet was with regard to the transatlantic trade and investment partnership between europe and the united states now the tweet was offering up to twenty thousand u.s. dollars for any projects people could come. that would protect the treat deal in a good light though it has come in for some scathing criticism from people here in europe mostly because of worries over a decrease in standards the standards for products in europe are far higher than they are in the united states also on workers' rights as well now this is seen and vajra mentalist environmentalists trade unions and health campaign is all railing against this trade deal to put that into perspective of the public opinion here in
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europe when it comes to the environment ninety six percent of germans say they have faith in european environmental regulation well only two percent believe in regulations inforced in the united states there's also been controversy surrounding genetically modified foods not like here in europe people have demonstrated against them however there is concern that because of u.s. labeling laws they become into the european markets so all of these things the same criticism all of this well it's kind of backfired they have come in for far more criticism online because of this. the transatlantic deal does look fairly good on paper. the partnership would allow to remove trade barriers any regulate the difference is hindering growth of the u.s. all the easy call to me would be washed away plus america and europe's collective
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g.d.p. could get a boost of around two hundred fifty billion dollars but critics believe that some of the pieces of the puzzle just don't fit they're worried that corporations would end up ruling governments and because of that taxpayers would end up footing the bill for anything that could go wrong and it would be almost impossible to hold any corporation to account because of the sheer size of that structure and the lack of transparency american michael shank of the friends committee on national legislation believes all that is an opportunity for the u.s. and the e.u. to flex their muscles while it's good for investors it's bad for health it's bad for the environment it's bad for labor and it's bad for regulations that countries and states have worked for decades to institute so those are some of the biggest concerns and what it says to russia or what it says to china with the t p p is that we don't want you a part of this conversation and in this very globalized interconnected world particular in trade because we don't have many barriers between us and e.u.
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already so when we're doing t.j. it's not really about removing trade barriers because the tariffs are quite low it's about saying to the rest of the world we have this partnership it's exclusive and you're not going to be a part of it do stay with us here on a plane to mourn you still to come join you more after this short break. to all your confusion any for all about what they're going to do a bunch of israelis think the european union's a job they don't listen to i'm sure they're a new we will welcome we do mean if the european union upset what can you do both ukraine for itself. move. move. move. move move.
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move move move. move move move move move move move move. move. move move move. move. to gen x. but eugenics vulgarized darwin science punishment for an uncommitted crying i was stolen from in eighty feebleminded still today for the few i don't know why. but i still don't know why genetic improvement through forced sterilization the basis for nazi ideology don't stop at just sterilizing. go to the point of
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death. for years rarely discussed. till now i've really rather not talk about that right. economic down in the final. and the rest. every. story others in the.
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right. to picture. from around the. globe. welcome back you're watching r.t. international let's talk football now because russian football fans may cause the national team to be deducted points in the world cup for reportedly displaying near nazi banners joining their sides first match in brazil if that's proven the incident could add to a considerable track record of russian football hooliganism but also features pitch attacks mass street rallies and nationalist clashes but as the country prepares to host the next big tournament in four years it's working hard on solutions to select exploits. showing support for your team in russia could mean this
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this. or this. your first in one thousand nine hundred eighty when spacek was playing says scar in moscow we had a huge fight great blue warriors came up against us there was more than eight hundred people involved in a brawl but you know and that is just one of the fights i see described now a retired hooliganism says fan culture has changed massively russia is today if you've a stereotype of an english football hooligan or an italian alger's is no longer applied to us we went our own way now there are no loud criminal cases against hewlett guns compared to the ninety's back in the soviet days football was considered one of the nation's sprites history's best goalkeeper left us and the team which won the first ever european championship and the police of revolutionary managers with the break up of the soviet union football just as many other spheres
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of life suffered a major setback it may be a coincidence but along with these problems came in isn't it still unclear what caused the surge in violence but in recent years russian hooligans have remained visible from violent pitch invasions to mass three grannies and racist incidents involving swastikas in the stands near nazi views and you know phobia are among the most debated issues back in twenty ten when a fan was two of you were fighting in moscow that escalated into ethnic violence thousands of ultras made themselves heard right outside the walls of the kremlin. look at all politically motivated people have always been close to find groups not only have they propagandize the culture of violence but they explained why this violence was needed that's why nazi views are popular there because force and violence are the basis of naziism and fascism in the form of hooligan founder of russia's largest fan movement their market and i have believes that is. she was often blown up in the press and problems are usually solved even before they appear
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. who spearheaded events at the my down in ukraine some of them are in the national guard now so potentially this is a very dangerous part of society but are all thor it is a pursuing a very clever strategy but who live in communities so there's no danger from now in russia these fights happen every weekend but no one knows if they happen out of town or in forests and strictly upon agreement from. the twenty thirteen movie okola footballer tells the story of a firm of hooligans consisting partially of white collar workers where death and destruction rub shoulders with love and friendship one of its characters keeps asking the question why do you fight the days but with full aggression. the movie slogan is we can not change real life has proven they can be the sealy it's just a matter of whether the rest of the world will be happy with this evolution of the russian fan culture when the country holds the next world cup in twenty eighteen
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let's see moscow. just a quick look at what's on r.t. dot com for you the mass panic caused by a visitor in the skies and online to learn why a google balloon sent shivers down the spine of residents and emergency services in new zealand. and also there with an expected tornado swept through the turkish city of istanbul tearing roofs off shops and sending people fleeing for cover you can get all the pictures on the videos online at r.t. dot com. thirty five years in prison assets confiscation and a million dollar fine that was the punishment a young u.s. programmer was facing before he committed suicide he'd been accused of using anti tracking technology online but what wasn't allowed for one individual has been greenlit for computer jarred our pool which is now installing the very same system into its products artie's gun each account has more. apple is taking
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a step toward preventing mobile devices from broadcasting information about their users whereabouts the company announced that he was the mac addresses emitted by its wireless devices as an anti tracking measure the meca dresses of course the unique number that identifies you on a network tech experts also point out the said i would be when an individual namely internet pioneer late aaron swartz spoofed his mac address the government held it out as evidence of criminality in his indictment aaron swartz was arrested in two thousand and eleven with downloading academic articles from a subscription based research website at his university with the intention to make them available to the public although none of what he has downloaded was classified prosecutors wanted to put him in jail for thirty five years aaron swartz has had earlier drawn the f.b.i.'s attention in two thousand and eight twenty downloaded and released about three million federal court documents from a restricted service the government did not press charges that because the
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documents were in fact public warrants became an internet freedom activist calling for others to join we interviewed him a number of times here in our team this is something playing out on stage somewhere where giants fight each other and you get to see much popcorn this is a fight you can join it there are bills that are coming up that could crack down on internet freedom there are companies trying to abuse their power and it's up to all of us to stop them aaron swartz committed suicide at the age of twenty six his family and friends believe the government's relentless persecution was a major factor it's interesting how tech giant apple is now developing its privacy protecting measure when aaron swartz did it the government thought it was a crime anyway tech experts say there are still other ways to track you down via your smartphone and spoofing your mac address alone will not make you untraceable electronic frontier foundation described apple's initiative best opening in the middle of a hurricane but privacy advocates welcomed the step they hope more companies will
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rise to the challenge of protecting their users. journalist and civil rights activist david seaman told r.t. that technology will not protect users from being spied on by the u.s. government or number of other hardware identifiers aside from the mac address that your cell phone is still emitting so this definitely doesn't restore total privacy to be user but there's also a larger theme here which is that governments are spying on us and these cell phones are not designed to be all that secure from day one clearly there is a double standard out there if you're a large tech company the government will turn the other way but aaron schwartz this is one of the things they used against him was that he spoofed mac addresses apparently and it just goes to show you that there are people within this government who use some of these al dated laws and use an incomplete understanding of internet technology to pretty much go after whoever they don't like and to make that person's life a lot more difficult with hard to fight charges the u.n.
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report says that more than a million people have been displaced by the raging sectarian violence in iraq the numbers only expected to rise as the country's army tries to push bank the advance of al qaeda linked militants isis which is going the takeover of baghdad and establishing an islamic state is already in control of vast parts of iraq including the second largest city of mosul while the first of the three hundred u.s. military advisers promised by washington to iraqi security forces are doing erotica later today but international studies professor just to landis believes that washington's would look to nt to take any decisive steps to resolve the crisis because of the problems the two thousand and three invasion calls you can watch the full interview next on a boy because will depart tomorrow but just for now here's a quick preview. this entire isis episode shows the incredible strategic blunder of president george w.
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bush in india attacking iraq and casting down the cinese from the top of society to the bottom destroying the state of iraq which kindled this sectarian struggle the united states is debating today about how much support to give to maliki many people believe that he is too sectarian that if america supports him it will offend sudanese turn send the world against the united states and alienate our support in the gulf therefore they are very reluctant to get in with direct military support they would like to get diplomats on the ground to begin negotiating as they did during the occupation. will that day now doctors the buddhists say the outbreak of the deadly ebola virus is out of control as it continues to sweep across africa couldn't the world hopeful
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denies they should move three hundred thirty people have been confirmed dead so far cases have been reported in sierra leone liberia and guinea the virus kills almost ninety percent effective patients. elsewhere a new sunglasses killed a security officer near a checkpoint in eastern lebanon dozens more were seriously wounded in the incident no group has claimed responsibility for the attack which is the latest in a series of assaults on shiite muslims across the hudson and in just the past few months. you join me for more news at the top of the hour coming up next though here on artie's boom bust on the global financial rollercoaster and if you are a viewer in the u.k. it's time to head back to that car park and going underground.
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some people say that when it happens support someone in time not a very nice one the curtain falls down. at some point and i could no longer stand it i decided to kill myself. all the even i was scared of what i'd done but i punched her but i didn't understand where i didn't want a man raising his hand the woman should. run from him. everyone who sees this video to also speak to the children's father. my has then became a controllable people that he can do anything. while you're crying don't cry i know i'm tired of crying too don't cry than.
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dramas that can't be ignored to me. stories others refuse to notice. faces change the world writes in their. full picture of today's leaves blah i ponder from around the globe. dropped. to fifty. the white house is considering air strikes on iraq so help stop the advance agendas full seize through the devastated country terry option a mother and take young child are killed in homi assaults in ukraine to meet presidential ceasefire promises the military offensive and radical groups claiming to protect the rights of jews intimidate their victims with death right. what other media turns a blind eye to. see. hello
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hello and how welcoming i marinate this is boom bust and these are some of the stories that we're tracking for you today now first up scandalous behavior begets and shameful i mean very shameful i was trained by the american apparel c.e.o. we're bringing you the whole full frontal details coming right up and disclaimer you know explicit content and then free market advocate doug casey believes that it does monetary manipulation it will lead to meltdown his time why exactly and in today's big deal redacted tonight john f. o'donnell is sitting down with me live to discuss bitcoin cousin mr dodge boy you want to miss the moment it all starts right now.


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